A week later...

It's been more than a week .... but it seems ages... I really miss those free holiday afternoons with my notebook sitting at my desk...
But nothing lasts for ever, right? Hands on work, now.
I´m still tryning to figure out how my blogging poject would be... Furl, Bloglines, Flickr... are tools I really want to introduce and make good use of them. The potential bloggers are EFL student teachers in their last year... so they don't have much time to spend on blogging.. (reading, writing, searching) the question is How to motivate them and as it has been said many times during this workshop, how to keep them motivated...
Hope to think it over a little bit more and turn my ideas into sentences, phrases and weblogs!
Changing subjects, I love yesterday meeting in Tapped in... I thought I wouldn´t be able to make it, but suddenly plans changed and there I went! Thanks everbody for being so charming and for sharing your experience, knowledge and expertise with the whole group.... (the whole Community List is now on my blog, WOW!)
No way I want to miss any novelties in technology or blogging at all!

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