Task # 4 Test, Is audioblogging free?

In order to fulfill task 4 (practice posting a sound file to your blog) I've downloaded HandyBits and Audacy into my PC. Yesterday I had my son's recorded a short passage with all the words he knows in English (he's almost five...) Anyway, I converted the record into a MP3 file, according to Michael Coghlan's instrucctions in his page http://mikecogh.blogspot.com
The thing is I'd love to post my son´s recording to my blog, but couldn´t fine any free tool (I mean, some tool like Audioblog.com) and I don´t have any server to post it first and take the HTML code later. Is there anything I can do?

However, I successfully managed to copy and past Michael's audiopost from his page. (That cheered me up a little bit! Thanks Michael ....) What follows is his voice:

Betina...you need space on a server to store your files. Open a free account with Tripod and then you can upload the mp3 file you recorded on Audacity or Handybits there and link it to your blog :-)

Have a look at Ale's blog and mine.
Does your account with your service provider not come with any space? It is common that when you pay a monthly fee for internet access, you also get webspace to upload photos, webpages, sound, video, etc.
Hi Bettina. You're one step ahead of me so I'm learing from the tips you've been given. Perhaps we'll both manage some audio before the end of the week!
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