Did I do it? YES! I did!!!!

I can't hardly believe what I've accomplished a few minutes ago... (an you wouldn't believe my emotion when having this task accomplished, me and my kids jumping and singing "I did it" "I did it" - they followed my joy, indeed...
Thanks to Bee, who is always on alert, just as the rest of the coordinating team. (thanks Aaron, I haven´t thought about that...)
I signed up for a free account in a server, uploaded the voice file and managed to past the HTML code correctly! I still can´t believe it worked!
Thanks everybody for this wonderfull learning experience that teaches us much more than "ways of using Internet tools"... What follows is also amazing:

Bravo Federico and Bettina! This is super.
Hugs and hugs from Brazil!
Hi bettina, I'd love to hear your recording but it just doesn't work for me! All I see is a black bar! It must be a Mac thing again!
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