Creating you own Web?

This question came as an affirmation for the first time in my cyberlife... "aggregators help you make your own internet" WOW!!!

Unbelievable and Unthinkable before this week!

I must say last weeks' learning has been much more productive and promising than I ever imagined... enrolling in this course has shown me how much is still there.... to be discovered about new technologies and its possible uses for teaching and learning.

But now, the real question is... How to put together all this new knowledge in my classes? How to foster blogging with student teachers at teacher training college? Is it possible to change years of traditional classrooms settings into a new modern educational environment? Do students embrace this "virtual existence" because they believe in it, or because teachers require them to do so? Which of the following strategies will be most appropriate for triggering "blogging habits": (Some brainstorming I want to share and exchange ideas with this blogging community)

Althought many questions still remain there, my biggest reward is that knowledge has been triggered... and learning is taking place!

Bet ()

PS: A word on this week's collective task: It has been a delight to work with Nancy! Thanks.

Many thanks for your kind words! It is I who owe you the thanks, though! As always, you are out there leading the way!

I agree about the value of last week. I am anxious to see what this coming week brings!
You are posing some of the most important questions now. This is where all this looking at the technology is leading. We are familiarizing ourselves with the tools. Then we step back and look at our pedagogical needs and ask: are these really the appropriate tools to aid our students in their learning? If so, its then time to plan strategies. If not, we need to look for new tools or use no tools at all!
What you say Aaron is true, if we embrace new tools we also need to change our practice. Not doing it would lead as to failure; in Heather James's words (quoted by Brian Lamb in his Wiki's review) we need to be aware of the great potential in these tools to be completely disruptive to the classroom settings... Although she is talking about wikis, I truly agree with her and even believe we need to rethink our teaching methods and approaches- maybe new developments are needed... we are living in a New Era, we entered a new century five years ago... Isn´t it contradictory to continue teaching under the sixties' patters? Don´t we EFL and ESL teachers need to renew our practices renewing us first?
Sessions like this EVO'05 allow us to see the horizon closer enough to think we can even reach it....
Like I have said before, I think that it's great for this kind of technology to be entering the classroom, I wish I had opportunities like what your students are doing when I was in school. Also, it seems that this teacher conference (EVO) is really keeping you up-to-date, and thats cool.

CLICK HERE to see what I posted last month about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) maybe it can help you. I have also, noticed that if you look at a RSS feed you can pick up some cool basic HTML tricks to enhance your blog!!!
Hope this helps...{~^o^~}...;-)
Hi Bettina

You pose the question:

How to foster blogging with student teachers at teacher training college?

I would have thought the biggest plus that a blog offers trainee teachers is through the use in a self-reflective journal. I'm sure that this would be really beneficial to them, especially as they can share their classroom experiences with each other, and provide a 'blogging support group'

How best to approach it? Well, one way is to do a session on the value of journals to their learning and development as teachers, and then introduce them to keeping a blog as their online journal.

If I was one of your trainee teachers I'd be jumping with joy. Or am I assuming too much?
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