Toons Ahead!

After a week of posting, reindexing, checking and delating... I should say: I love blogging!
It's my first time in this side of the web. Couldn´t cope with everything but still trying!
Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this Community of Practice...
Bet :)

Hi Bettina, Yes, I've been deleting and tweaking and updating too and experiencing all of the false starts and technical frustrations and surprising discoveries too. It's not easy with two little children running in and out of the study (mine are 2 and 4!). Lesley
IM glad to see that everytning is comming along good for you and your blog...I have been doing web-development for some time, and if theres one thing I like most about it, is practice, cause if IM practicing, IM learning...Visit my Blog CLICK HERE you my find some interesting tips and toolsAs for blogger blogs, I have found the need for just basic HTML code knowledge...Also, you may want to check out my homepage CLICK HERE for information on how to build a website for $0 FREE!P.S. Hablo Espaniol;-)
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