So far so good

My feelings so far... excited, happy, enthusiastic but a little frustrated too ...

My expectations... really HIGH!!!

My back... it hurts after hours of "trying"

My Wishes... the best for all of you.

Wow! What a great list of links you have already! Thanks!

It is exciting to think about what we will be able to accomplish with blogs. You have set the bar pretty high already, I think!
Hi Betina,
Great blog! Lots of posts and links already. Congratulations you made it to blogosphere and have started your presence online.
Warm regards from Brazil,
Best wishes to you to Betina. I look forward to hearing more from you. Great start!
Hi Bettina, My back hurts too, and my eyes, and my knees....! It's going to take me a long time to look at all of those links. Have you looked at the group 3 Wiki page recently. Do you see what I mean about these comments not being very interactive. It's reassuring because it lets you know that other poeple are reading your blog but how would you respond now if I asked you a question? And how would I know if you had responded?
So many questions, so little time!
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