Impressions on Learning Time

I've the most amazing experience this morning... while my two little boys where still asleept, I decided to click on link sent to our list posting on The recording of Will Richardson's presentation at LearningTimes.
I felt in the cyberspace... I couldn´t believe this recorded online conference what taking place "live" from my PC... I've learnt a lot.. as you said, I had no idea about RSS before, but after the session, I knew I could do it.
It's really amazing how much can be done with little money and up-to-date technological tools. I do agree with you, however about the advantages of syncronous environments... hope to catch this friday's session.
Thanks for listening, I mean, reading...
Bet :)

Hi Bettina

I'm a fan of this kind of environment too, and very much a beginner like you - it both excites and daunts me all at the same time. Just as I'd got used to taking part in text chat sessions, along comes this audio conferencing tool! I've started using another tool for conferencing with colleagues as well, outside the course, and it has been invaluable for me to get an idea of the overall picture in the organisation. Just listening to some of the people I work with, the sound of the voices of people I have corresponded with via email has "humanised" the large organisation for me a lot.
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