Coming into terms with weblogging

From today's chat "What are weblogs?" a question remained unanswered...
Are blogs for everybody?
If keeping students motivated is hard, what about motivating teachers to use this tool?
Teacher training is evolving, new technologies are being introduced in students curricula, but some other social and "traditional" matters still remain unchangable.
How do we encourage student teachers to embrace tools like this and other very useful ones in the web helping them to shorten their way into this New Era? What can be done?
Bet :)

Wow! Great questions! It sparked my own thinking, so I responded here:
Hi Bettina

I agree with Aaron - some very interesting questions. I've been involved in a couple of teacher training workshops (in Barcelona) introducing weblogs to teachers, and I must say that although the teachers all responded positively to blogs, and I helped them set up blogs during the sessions,none of them have taken up the idea.

One problem, I think, is the time required for teachers to actually 'get' the idea of using a weblog. I must admit it took me about six months from when someone first introduced me to it (and I set up a blog, wrote one post and then forgot about it) to me actually seeing the potential.

When it did happen, it was a revelation, and I've been blogging constantly in all different ways ever since, trying to explore the ways I can use this medium for me and my classes. I was actually surprised to see that the last time I looked, I'd written more than 50,000 words on various blogs over the last year and a half or so!

I think your questions would be interesting to expand upon in the wiki, and to discuss with the other particpants of the course, especially as they (and you) are now (hopefully) being motivated to use blogs, and can give us an insight to how best to do so.

I'm particularly interested in this as I have another teacher training session to give in February (this time in Lisbon) and I'm due to be introducing blogs and RSS to a group of (this time) ICT coordinators / teachers.
Hi again!

I got so wrapped up in responding to your post I forgot to mention what I first wanted to say - If you can go to Blogger and turn the option to share your profile on, it'll mean that you'll be able to get a lot more visitors to your blog (people will be able to come directly from the link to your profile on our collaborative blog)

Looking forward to some more stimulating discussion.

The reality of Education is that it's heading for a watershed.

The old Byron quote ("Education isn't the filling of a bucket...It's the lighting of a fire") is really the crux of the matter. We're seeing a new appreciation of Education as social process and not a transfer process.

What is happening is the same thing that happened in the movie industry when sound was introduced. A lot of people -- highly talented, well respected, and employed -- could not make the transition because they had voices that didn't record well. They were great film actors. But their careers ended with the advent of sound tracks.

I'm supporting a lot of special education teachers in my day job. Helping them make the transition from classroom based education to online modes of delivery. Most of those teachers are able to make the transition. But here and there, once in a while, I'm finding a teacher who just doesn't get it. These teachers view their role as a combination fount-of-all-knowledge, and classroom pundit. The value of their classes (they believe) is in the student being able to see and hear them in real time, in person, once a week. The notion that students might learn by reading, by thinking for themselves, or (gasp) from talking to each other is anathema to these few.

It'll be interesting to see how these "teachers with squeaky voices" fare in the watershed that is approaching in Education.
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