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Creating my second weblog wasn’t hard at all. I picked journalspace.com because it was says to have pictures, links, members and other stuff posted easily. And it did!

http://betspace.journalspace.com/ (Click in this link to visit it)

I found this one less attractive than blogger, it has less colours settings, and font types seem all the same to me!
Although there is much more stuff under builder control, and I tried to arrange settings in the page as much as I could. But Menu and Visitors at bottom still remain there…. Couldn’t find that out… :(
I would like to View possible templates like in the other hosting... but in this one I could post my picture at once, create a photo galley for my family pictures and found out how to add links, that's something I'm still trying to do in here.

Some extra features I found in
www.journalspace.com are:
Spell checking (great for students writing)
Edition is easier, since you are not asked to index you blog
I could set an instant signature
Instant message is possible (Yahoo, MNS, AOL)
I’ve chosen my favourite 15 words:
You may send your posting to a friend via email
Oh! And I also created a Webmail account:
betspace@journalspace.com so I may receive messages directly through this hosting (see Check your Webmail)
Statistics are available for knowing who saw your web in the last couple of minutes
Menu is at hand, for new postings and other stuff

The following features are available to administer the blog:

Read your journal
Write in your journal
Your journal's statistics
Customize your journal
Configure the home page
Your account
Private messages

Check your Webmail
Your profile
Your favourites
Your friends
Your bookmarks

Hope this review is useful!
See you soon….

Bet :)

I opened my new blog at journalspace, too. I really like it, I think. It is definitely easy to add links. I haven't tried pictures. I think it would be good for my students to use.
I checked out journalspace it looks like a decient blogging community. I wanted to leave a comment there, but like most blogs, they wanted me to log in or register to leave a comment. I have too many other webdevelopment projects going on to register for this one :-( . SO, I'll just leave my comments here, cool? Anyways, *TIP* When you have many database resources (blogger, journalspace, ect...) you can actually swap resources, that is of course, with just basic HTML understanding, simple codes and scripts. CLICK HERE to Visit my blog, and let me know what you thinkAdios por ahorita...{~^o^~}...;-)
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